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9:52 pm * March 21, 2002
Ok, these are people that you may run across while reading my diary...

Family kind of people

  • Mom & Dad ... they'll only be called those kinds of names.
  • Little sister - Amanda, she's 10 years younger than me. She's a perfectionist, well basically she's my total opposite in almost everything. Except sarcasm and smartassed-ness. We're alike there, but I'm totally still winning!
  • Older sister - Christine she's 5 years older than me.
  • Older brother - Jimmy, he's 10 years older than me & he's mentioned in the above link too.
  • Little sister's father - Rob, he's still a BUTTHEAD, and I still can't stand him.
  • Older siblings' mother - Carol, she's actually pretty cool, so is her sister Darla. The few years when my sister and I got along better and we still hung out and went places, we used to go do stuff with her mom & aunt.
  • Dad's Ex-girlfriend - Trina, I'm pretty sure I have an entry about her & how freaking NUTS-O she is, but I haven't found it again yet, so I'll link back or re-write it soon.
  • Trina's kids, They are 5 and 7 years older than me. One basically disappeared off the face of the earth, the other got married or something. Don't see them anymore they had already moved out before Dad & Trina split.
  • Dad's new girlfriend - Betty, has 3 kids, 1 younger than me the other 2 older. Don't talk to her much either, probably 'cause I don't really talk to Dad either... We exchange holiday cards though! She's always been pretty nice.

Friend kind of people

  • Willow - A friend of mine since Jr. High. She had issues about being alone. She lives in another state now.
  • Mary - A friend I work with, who's usually depressed.
  • Gina & Lee - My married couple friends, friends since HS, known her half my life! They also have a daughter, J.
  • Vix - Another friend I've had since HS, she has 2 kids. And dude, it's totally fine, we "worked things out" :)
  • Tom - Yet another friend from Jr High, he pops in and out of my life sporatically.
  • Pepsi Guy - A guy I was kind of dating who gave me a cute bear, but ended up being a jerk. Sadly I still see him all the time.
  • Best friend (mentioned in the Pepsi guy links) - Pepsi guy's best friend. Now one of my friends, he moved though...
  • Princess - Pepsi guy's GF briefly, best friend's Ex-gf before Pepsi guy dated her. Her dreams came true after she dumped Pepsi guy, she's married to a rich old guy now, but word is, there's talk of a divorce. Hmm darn those pre-nups.
  • Twisted Boy - A man I was seeing
  • George - an online friend that got weird on me. He basically avoids me now.
  • Seth - Another online friend, that I had a crush on, but then he stopped chatting. Then he came back in the form of email, and now he's here & gone depending on when you ask.
  • Aaron - A guy I met who went off to be in the Army, then after a while, began to say things that freaked me out, and I thought I had a stalker... Still talk to him (LOL!) but he's mellowed massively.
  • Mind games guy - A guy stuff goes on with sometimes, we're sort of pissed at each other at the moment though.
  • Then there was my friend's boyfriend's friend - It was a fun little date fest, but it didn't work out.

People from work that aren't my friends

  • Windy - Our office manager. She likes me, she hates me, she likes me, who the heck knows, and I'm not going to suck up to her to stay on her liked list longer.
  • Our managers - Doug (new), Rick, Gary, Donald, and Brian (new). Donald, happens to be the perverted one I usually end up stuck somewhere with. But, he's STILL better than the two new ones!!


  • Creep - He was/is a friend of my little sister's father. But, he doesn't come around anymore really. Rob turned him in for something, so he (Rob) wouldn't get into trouble, so Creepy was in jail for a while again. I ee him when he shops at the store still though.
  • Iden's diary was the first one I ever saw here. (She hasn't updated in a while though.)


The Cats - (inside) Pep & Spike & Morts (inside sometimes)
(outside) Skit Skat, Sunny, Patches (Sunny's GF), Chachi, and Tang
The Rabbits - Eeyore & Lola
The fish - Sharky (won at a fair a few years ago now)
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